Guide to AUC

Here I have compiled a list of blog entries and links pertaining to studying medicine at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine and living in St. Maarten. Whether you are an applicant, recent matriculant, or simply interested, these entries may be useful places to start!

Prospective Students

Applying to AUC

Before Coming

What to Expect

Basic Sciences

USMLE and Clinicals

Clinical Site Reviews

Clinical Site Guides

AUC School Websites

AUC Incoming Class Facebook Groups

AUC Student Organizations

AUC Clinical Facebook Groups

AUC Residency Match Facebook Groups

AUC Sports Facebook Groups

Other AUC Facebook Groups

Useful Academic Links

Articles About AUC’s History

Useful Links for Living in the Caribbean

Public Forums about AUC

Match Resources

Medical Career Resources

One thought on “Guide to AUC

  1. Hi Dr. Benji,
    First of all, I appreciate this entire website that you put together. My wife has been accepted to one Caribbean school, and has her interview with AUC tomorrow.
    It is looking like our two main options will likely boil down to either Saba or AUC. We believe that we’re leaning toward AUC, but still considering Saba. The problem is, we are having a hard time finding resources on Saba to be able to compare the two (besides the links to blogs that you shared, thanks again, by the way).
    From your time at AUC, did you have any interactions with students or staff from Saba? Do you have any insight you can share about pros/cons or at least how it seems to differ from AUC? We’ve looked at aspects like tuition already, but are wondering more about living situations, support for families (we would be bringing our infant son), or general feedback about the school. We’re looking for honest answers here, so don’t hold back on if there were things that you preferred about AUC and why.
    Thanks in advance! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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