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AUC Spouse's Org!

Adjusting to life in the Caribbean can be challenging to many who are not used to living abroad. It can be especially challenging to wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, families, and significant others who come with students to the island (or an awesome long-term vacation, depending how you see it). Whatever your situation is, the AUC Spouses Organization is there to support you, get you involved in the community, and help you meet some new friends with whom you can adjust to life on the island together. One of the best and most active organizations we have on campus, the Spouse’s organization, regularly holds events and activities that keep spouses busy and enjoy their time on the island. Irene is a member of the Spouses Org and she feels very welcomed into the AUC community. 🙂

For any spouse or significant other who are joining their loved ones in the journey down to St. Maarten, I would highly recommend checking out the AUC Spouses Organization website. They have a lot of very practical information, such as working on the island, bringing children, or finding housing that’s fit for the family.

Hangin' out!

If you haven’t already, you can also visit and like their Facebook page to get updates on their famous pre-exam burrito and bake sales as well as other events hosted by the spouses and signficant others.

The Spouse’s Org also runs a sponsor program that give spouses personal assistance to prepare or transition spouses into island life.

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