A Happy Man

The two things I miss the most on St. Maarten are:
1. Irene
2. My Piano
Tonight, I’m with both and I’m a happy man!

4 comments to A Happy Man

  • Deepti Sinha

    You play the piano really well . I stumbled across your site while studying for my 4th year exam (photo depicting cutaneous innervation of the hand). There is something about your site that made me stop and read through and my mind is soothed and ready to study more. I study in London at King’s. I hope you carry on writing your blog and playing the piano and of course a hello to lovely Irene from me.

  • Benji

    Thanks Deepti! Good luck in your studies in London!

  • Louis Sun

    Hi Benji,
    I just saw this post, and I have to ask you this question. Do you know where I can rent or buy a piano on St. Maarten? I don’t want my son to stop his piano lessons while on the island. Thank you.


    • Benji

      Hi Louis,
      I haven’t tried looking for one myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were somewhere where you can buy a piano and other musical instruments. I do recall seeing a few electronics stores on Back Street in Philipsburg that carry digital pianos. Perhaps that’s a good place to start. If you’re interested in looking for a piano teacher, I think one of the current spouses there is one. You could try connecting with the AUC Spouses’ Organization to see if they can help.

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