Happy Halloween!

Last night the Asian Student Medical Association (ASMA) held its annual Halloween Costume Contest and Party at Tantra Nightclub. As I didn’t go last year, this year some friends and I decided to go as Alice in Wonderland characters. I went as Ace of Hearts (with a Wenckebach, of course). It was really fun seeing some of the costumes out there of students and faculty we see everyday. This semester, the surprise faculty judges were Dr. Van der Waag, Dr. Shupe, and Dr. Nash, and there was a prize for Best Male Costume, Best Female Costume, Best Couple Costume, Best Group (3+) Costume and Most Creative Costume. There was also a special recognition for the category called “What The…”. The entrance fee was $5 and all the proceeds and donations went to the EXPERIENCE Foundation for cancer on the island.

Some people went all out preparing long beforehand for their costumes, bringing them here from their homes back in the States or Canada. Others got them from the costume store on the island. There were some very impressive costumes that people made by themselves, such as the Power Rangers group or the Counting Sheep group (with a guy in pajamas and 5 sheep). Some costumes were so creative and funny and I was quite impressed, like the student who dressed up as Abe Lincoln. He was already well over 6 feet to begin with and he made a top hat that added at least 3 more feet to his height. It was funny. Another student wore a gift box around him and labeled it “From: God, To: Women” and threw out roses to the crowd. I never imagined I could meet Borat, Antoine Dodson, Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Barack Obama, and Pocahontas on the same night. Some of the professors had really elaborate costumes, especially the special faculty judges for the Contest.

All in all, I had a great time last night. I hadn’t dressed up for Halloween ever since elementary school maybe, but last night showed we can be a 26 year old medical student but still have some fun with friends and colleagues outside of preparing for exams.

Alice in Wonderland crew... but where's Alice?