The New SGA Bulletin Board

As the new historian, one of my tasks is to maintain the SGA bulletin board on a weekly basis, posting the newest student body news, minutes from the SGA meetings, and list of upcoming events. As the board was last updated in 2006, anything would have easily made the board look nicer. Here are some changes I’ve made!

But first, check out what it was like before…

The old bulletin board... last updated 2006!

Here is the same board in 2010, updated with the latest SGA Minutes, current list of SGA council and executive board members, new logos, and more.

Updated 2010
I added a new AUC Scenes section to display some recent snapshots taken by student organizations around the AUC community. I'm hoping this would draw in people to check out the board more. It makes the board more fun, laid-back, and community-focused.
Here is a list of the SGA Council members in case anyone wants to contact them.
And the SGA executive board, in case anyone wants to contact us.

The new board is a much-needed update, and I can imagine many more sections that can be added to the board later such as list of upcoming events, game results from AUC sports teams, interesting articles from The Scope, poll results, and more. Any suggestions?