First Semester of Head TA-ing… DONE!

I remember when I was a first semester student, I had always marveled at the TAs and Head TAs. They all seemed so senior to me and I looked up to them so much. Now, just half a year later, I have become one of them, and I still can’t believe it. Today, we held the last mock exam of the semester for the current first semester students. After this semester, several of these students I see now will go on to become TAs next semester, and three from this class will eventually take Haley, Arif, and my place as the next three Head TAs. Looking at them now, I wonder who they will be…

Head Anatomy TAs group shot!



Today, a few first semester students gave Haley, Arif, and me presents. It was a complete surprise for us, and they really didn’t need to, but it was such a nice and thoughtful gesture. If you are reading this, thank you all so much! You all just made my day and I wish you all the best!

Gifts from some of the first semesters.. this just made my day!

I really enjoyed my first semester as a Head TA (and second as a TA). Being a Head TA is a two-semester commitment, and I look forward to the next semester to come!