AUC Dorm or Apartment for First Semester?

Not long ago I received a question from a reader asking:

Would you recommend the dorm or apartment for first semester. Can a parent live with me in the dorm for a few days when I move in at the start of the semester?

I’ve decided to post my reply here because I’m recently in the process of finding an apartment for next semester, and have had enough experience living in the dorms.

Congrats on getting into AUC and thanks for emailing! I would definitely recommend living in the dorms the first semester over an apartment. The dorms are nice, safe, convenient, and generally cheaper, especially if you live in a double. AUC has its own power generator and water source, and so you don’t have to worry about power going out, as it often does outside of campus. Power, water, and internet are also very expensive off campus whereas they are included in the price of the dorms on campus (the internet is now wifi as of May 2012). There are laundry rooms on floors 2 through 5, and they cost $2 to warm wash and $1 to dry (as of September 2011), which you swipe with a laundry card (which you can purchase/refill at school). The gym is only a few steps away from the dorms, and it is open 24/7. The dorms are also only a few steps away from your classes, making it very convenient. Most importantly, your first semester is a time when you are adjusting to the rigors of medical school, and by not worrying about adjusting to the “real world” outside of campus, it can make your transition easier.

Guests may (officially) stay in the dorms for a fee of $100 for five days. If you get a double room, make sure your roommate is OK with it though :).

Dorm rooms are high in demand. Although first and fifth semester students get priority, it seems like half of my classmates could not even secure one, because of our large class size. If you do decide on the dorms, I’d pay the reservation fee as soon as i can. If you are entering January semester, however, it may be easier to secure one, because January classes are usually smaller.

The few (affordable) apartments I’ve seen aren’t as nice as the dorms. If you decide to go for an apartment, there are plenty within a 5-6 minute walking distance of campus. The housing department has a list of available apartments. I have heard good reviews from people who live in Cupecoy Beach Club, Rainbow Beach Club, the Summit, and Aventura. Despite the complaints one might hear on value md about Solutions Management, I’ve also met people who’ve had no problems at all with them. I know some people who also have good experiences living in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. It may be cheaper and more like a “home,” but you’d need a car to get to campus.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend a dorm for first semester, but be quick in reserving a spot! Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Hope this helps!

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