Hotels in SXM

Great news! My family and Irene’s family want to come visit me during my white coat ceremony weekend for about 3-4 days, and so the past few days I’ve been reading countless hotel reviews on tripadvisor. I looked for hotels in Cupecoy, Maho, or Simpson Bay, all within 3-4 miles of AUC. As they will be out and about throughout the island most of the time, I feel there is no need to splurge on a $500/night hotel. Yet, since they will be on vacation, there is also no need to save too much by staying at one of the ultra-basic hostels on the island. Afterall, I do hope they remember their stay as a good one. Here is a list of the hotels I have looked into. The first three, The Summit, Wyndham Sapphire, and Sonesta Maho, are all recommended by AUC.

Closest (Walking Distance of AUC)

Location: Cupecoy
Minimum Stay: 3 nights
Maximum Occupancy: 4 ppl/room
Cost: $85/room/night
My Impressions: Closest hotel to campus, only 3 minutes walking away and the cheapest. They are little individual bungalows and are more like apartments than hotels. In fact, a lot of students rent from here. They have a pool and a restaurant, but no beach.

Location: Cupecoy
Cost: $175/room/night (student price)
My Impressions: Pretty nice and modern… Although it is not as big as Sonesta and it is in a more rural part of the island, they have their own pool, beach, and outdoor eatery. They also have a rent-a-car place and a travel planner within the hotel.

Closer (2-3 minutes by car)

Location: Maho
Cost: $105/room/night (student price)
My Impressions: Pretty nice. They have their own swimming pool, beach, restaurants, casino, and it’s in Maho, which is close to the airport and has lots of stuff to do nearby. It’s also just 2-3 minutes away by car from AUC. They often give discounts ($105 per night) to AUC students and their families who are moving in during orientation or white coat ceremony. Sonesta Maho is also where AUC holds their commencement ceremony every year.

Relatively Close (5-10 minutes by car)

Location: Simpson Bay
Minimum Stay: none
Max Occupancy: 2 ppl max + $25 for extra guest
Cost: $115/room (double)/night
My Impressions: The small hotel is not by beach but is close to one. People have given it good reviews on tripadvisor. It seems safe and the owners seem resourceful and nice. The motel looks a little old to me in the photos, but other people find it charming.

Location: Simpson Bay
Minimum Stay: none
Max Occupancy: 3 ppl max
Cost: $75/room (queen)/night
My Impressions: The pictures look beautiful and clean to me, and I love how it is on the beach, but there are some bad reviews about how the people that work there do not care for guest, and how it is in an unsafe part of town. Others complain about the noise from the airport. It has a special summer deal where you pay 3 nights and get 4th night free. Boutique hotel.

Location: Simpson Bay
Cost: $109/room (queen)/night
My Impressions: My roommate’s parents stayed here during their visit to St. Maarten and they loved it. It may not be a fancy resort, but they said that the staff is very hospitable and the rooms are nice and clean. It is a smaller hotel and it is by the beach.

A Little Further Away (10-12 minutes away by car)

Location: Simpson Bay
Minimum Stay: none
Max Occupancy: 4 ppl/room
Cost: $109/room (two double)/night
My Impressions: It is a very basic, standard hotel for those who just want a place to sleep. It is not by the beach, but within walking distance. The reviews are mediocre, but this is expected, given its mediocre name.

Location: Simpson Bay
Minimum Stay: none
Maximum Occupancy: 4 or 6 ppl
Cost: $525 (king+sofa bed)/3 nights
$675 (2 kings + sofa bed)/3 nights
My Impressions: Some people may prefer an affordable high-rise resort hotel over a quaint guesthouse. It seems to have the amenities that a nice hotel would have and its by the beach. If we get a two-room suite, we can fit everyone will have plenty of space to sleep. The sofa bed is queen-sized. There is a kitchen, balcony, pool, and beach. It is located in a part of town with lots to do.

Location: Simpson Bay
Cost: $660 for the 4-night off-season half-price special. This is for a suite of 2 king-size bedrooms, kitchen, living room, pull-out queen size sofa, balcony. Can easily fit 6 people.
My Impressions: The location is great, with lots of restaurants, shops, and what-not nearby. Their suites are very new and modern, and they all have ocean-view balconies. They have their own restaurant, gym, pool, and beach, but their beach isn’t that nice, at least not as nice as Sonesta’s.

Other Options:

You can also have guests officially stay in the dorms with you for $100 for five days. You can contact housing to arrange this, and they can add a cot to your room for your guest.