Catching Up

My new friend in class!

These past few days I’ve just been a bit busy. In the beginning of the semester I thought I would try to read ahead before class, but after two days of doing this, I soon found myself already trying hard to simply “catch up” on my studies. There is just a lot of material. The material is not difficult, like drinking water is not difficult. The problem is I am now drinking from a water hose that doesn’t stop flowing, and second, third, and fourth semester will only get harder. So it is no surprise I am blogging less than before. I apologize for that.

My family arrived safely yesterday (Jason, Justin, Mom, Irene, and Mrs. Gung). I happened to have a dry lab (which did not have the same strict attendance policy as all the other classes) during that time so I was able to take the bus to go greet them at the airport. We went to the car rental places at the airport. Seeing six people walk together all at once to their booths, the car rental vendors all held out their calculators, punching in numbers slightly lower than the vendors next to them. We eventually chose a hyundai santa fe from United Car Rental that could fit seven people for about 50 something dollars per day for four days. American Express included coverage for damage and collision. This is much cheaper and convenient than taking the taxis on the island, which I hear the prices are high and unstandardized.

We headed to Royal Palm Beach Resort, and our two bedroom+ocean-view balcony suite is even more beautiful than the pictures they show on their website. The staff is nice, and their kitchen is fully supplied including strainers, pans, and wine glasses. Outside is a pool and pool bar, gym, and not to mention, Kim Sha Beach. Five days for$660 for all of this is a great deal (which is usually double the price if you stay less than 4 days during the busy season).

We ate a very late lunch at Pineapple Pete’s, not too far across the street. It’s a great place to go at night, with live music, chill atmosphere, and right on the lagoon waters. Although a local recommended the place, the restaurant seems pretty much made for tourists. I can’t imagine any locals eating here, but then again, maybe they come for the music. I’ll have to come back at night to know.

Then we headed off to AUC, where I showed them around the campus. We hung out on the balcony talking for a long time. It was good. I am very happy they can come see my new home and new lifestyle. “Catching up” is always important in maintaining a relationship with your friends and family, but the best way to “catch up” is to visit. This time, my family can better understand how I am living, what I am going through, and modify what they hear with what they see. Likewise, I am still going through this process for medical school and likely for life in the medical profession.

The sun eventually set over my balcony, and we called it a night. Only one week of classes has gone by, but already it feels like a month. The perception of time is indeed longer when one is busy and far away. As I catch up on my family this weekend, I continue to catch up with my studies. Are we all just catching up in life?