Thank you so much everyone!

This past Tuesday I received a message from the Van Wormer Student Judiciary Committee informing me that I had been selected as the Summer 2010 recipient of the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Student of the Semester Award. I am definitely speechless after hearing the news as it caught me off-guard, and I feel very honored (and humbled) to receive this award in Karl’s memory. Thank you so much everyone!

Check out my picture on the plaque in the library!

UPDATES 12/2011:

Thank you so much again! I received the award from the president of the Van Wormer Student Judiciary Committee during the September 2010 White Coat Ceremony and gave a short acceptance speech:

“Thank you all so much! As part of such a wonderful community of aspiring doctors, I am deeply honored to accept this award from my colleagues. I want to say thank you to the student body, the wonderful faculty and administrators. I want to thank the SJC, the previous receivers of this award as well as Dr. Karl Stockhausen whose character has been an inspiration for us all.

It’s been quite an adventure these past three semesters. Just last year, sitting right where you are today, never did I imagine that I would get involved in student government as a class rep, help my fellow classmates as a head TA, OA, or as a blogger, or help create AUC’s first student-run newsletter, The Scope. I thank AUC for giving me all of these opportunities, and I encourage everyone to get involved as well. It’s been over-said that we want to become doctors to help others, but I say we don’t have to wait. We can make a difference now, and during your five semesters here on the island, you’ll have more than enough chances to do so. So study hard, get involved, and enjoy your adventure here at AUC. Thank you all so much for this award.”

The school also wrote an article about me receiving the Dr. Karl Stockhausen award. Check it out here:

Here’s a list of the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Student of the Semester Recipients over the semesters:

  1. Fall 2009 — Joe Fakoury
  2. Spring 2010 — Chanudi Weerasuringe
  3. Summer 2010 — Benjamin Ho
  4. Fall 2010 — Damian Salerno
  5. Spring 2011 — Jeff Silpe
  6. Summer 2011 – Abraham Chileuitt
  7. Fall 2011 – Aadhar Patil