Symptoms of Medschoolitis

  1. I haven’t worked out in over a month. Before med school, I used to work out five times a week.
  2. Pathology, med micro, and physio are major topics of discussion when I talk to Irene every night.
  3. I think it’s fun when Irene quizzes me over my class notes.
  4. I have trouble sleeping at night because I feel like I haven’t done enough studying for the day.
  5. I’ve become more and more antisocial.
  6. My MP3 player has more lecture recordings than music.
  7. I don’t feel relaxed traveling anymore.
  8. Going to the beach is not fun anymore without my notes.
  9. Med school is all I blog about now…
  10. I treat myself to school cafeteria food if I feel happy.
  11. I’m actually excited that campus is empty on Friday nights and Saturday mornings so I can have entire study rooms for myself.
  12. I wear my lab coat when I’m cold… when I’m not in lab.
  13. I talk to my cat. I don’t care if she understands me or not.
  14. My room is a mess, but my class notes are so organized.