Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I am thankful for…

  • The new friends I have made at AUC.
  • The opportunity to pursue my career and to learn about medicine.
  • The beautiful warm weather we’ve been having, despite it being November.
  • The challenges I have encountered these past few months and my survival so far.
  • The help and collaboration from my colleagues in class.
  • Being healthy! You’ll be thankful for this too once you sit in class and learn enough about all the possible things that could go wrong with your body!
  • Being in such a beautiful environment as St. Maarten.
  • Irene, who has been so supportive.
  • The opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving, despite being thousands of miles away from home.
  • Everyone who is reading this, who I share my thoughts and feelings with.

What are you thankful for? Please share!

2 comments to Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  • Morgan


    Are typical U.S. holidays honored at AUC? For example, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial day, 4th of July etc.

    • Benji

      Hi Morgan,
      You get a 2-3 week break for Christmas and New Year, but there are no breaks for Thanksgiving, July 4, or other American holidays. You do however get off for St. Martin’s Day and Kingdom Day, and other local St. Maarten holidays.

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