The Rotunda

The AUC Rotunda

The Rotunda is the beating heart of AUC. Every day, there is always something going on here. Every night, there is always somebody around. Whether you are just walking through it to get to class, stopping by one of the booths to pick up something, or simply hanging out, the Rotunda is the place of contact and exchange for the school, and the hub of the AUC community.

It is the place where…

  1. …we meet up… let’s say around 8ish in the rotunda if that’s OK?
  2. …we pick up our packages sent across the sea from our families and friends back home from The MailBox representatives every Monday.
  3. …we sit at the tables and study til 2am while giving that somebody we know a nod as he or she walks by.
  4. …we go get some baked goodies and perhaps a burrito from the Spouses Organization so we can focus on studying rather than preparing meals.
  5. …we rush up to after class to sign up for an AMSA workshop!
  6. …we pick up a chicken or vege wrap during Wrap Wednesdays.
  7. …we pick up a tasty shwarma during Shwarma Tuesdays.
  8. …we pick up a Taco during Taco Thursdays.
  9. …we pick up a Subway sandwich during Subway Sundays.
  10. …we sign up for the post-block cruise to Prickly Pear Island
  11. …we learn about SNMA or the Diversity Council and other student organizations during the activities fair.
  12. …we place the ballot for our new SGA executive officers.
  13. …we pick up information from different medical associations around the region during the Medical Forum.
  14. …we meet new students and faculty during the Welcome Mixer.
  15. …we pick up some baked goods to support AMWA’s fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness.
  16. …we meet with insurance reps, cell phone reps, and other local businesses who bring their services to the school so we won’t need to worry about how the heck we’re supposed to get to their offices without a car.
  17. …we pick up our orientation packets the first time we set foot into this new school.
  18. …we lounge around and talk with our friends on a late weekday night.
  19. …we gaze up at the chandelier and wonder… how did I get here?
  20. …we have our first impressions of AUC, and where we carry our memories.

As you can see, it is the place of exchange, function, of traditions and school culture. What would AUC be like without its rotunda?