AUC Cafeteria

The garishly decorated cafeteria.

I finally know what the appeal of oxtail is to the Caribbean People. With the stringy meat falling off the bone layered in chewy collagenous glory, who wouldn’t like it? Well, maybe not everyone, but to me it was good. As long as there’s a good sauce on it, anything tastes good right? Today was the first time I lunched at AUC’s cafeteria.

I’ve always known that AUC had a cafeteria, albeit small (with a staff of maybe 4-5 people) and garishly decorated. But for most of the semester I have been cooking for myself, mainly for convenience, health, and to save money. So when I went to the cafeteria today, I was surprised at the amount of food I could get for the price I paid, and the food’s pretty good.

At the hot bar, you’re given one choice of meat, plus as much side dishes as you want, as long as it fits on your plate or in your to-go box. Today I got some Caribbean-style rice, salad, beans, garlic potatoes, stewed oxtail, and fried plaintains, all piled to the top of the to-go box, for only $5! I’m a big guy and it was quite filling even for me.

They also have some French pastries, like croissants, quiches, or crepes, as well as snacks like chips, candy, ice cream, or pop-tarts. You could also order something off the grill, like a sandwich, hamburger, or fries. In the mornings they have johnny cakes (which is a very typical Caribbean breakfast item you should try), pancakes, egg/bacon/ham toast and other breakfast foods. As of 2012, the cafeteria offers unlimited free brewed and instant coffee, tea, and hot water to everyone everyday (When I left in 2011, it was just free during pre-block weekends).

Open every weekday til 7pm (as of 2012), the AUC cafeteria serves a lot of American and Caribbean-style food. They have a variety to choose from and they change up their menu every day. So if oxtail is not your style, maybe you can go for the chicken, or the tilapia. Whatever it is, it is a good deal for anyone seeking something quick, cheap, and convenient.

The AUC cafeteria does not offer a meal plan. You pay by cash as you go.

3 comments to AUC Cafeteria

  • Andy Iskandar

    Hey Benji!

    Hope all is going well with you. I wanted to ask about the water situation on the island. I’ve known that drinking water in foreign countries can be dangerous and I was wondering if that is a concern I should have with St. Maarten. Should one only plan on drinking only bottled water when there? I have one of those filter water bottles I was planning on bringing with me and wasn’t sure if it would be worth the extra space in my luggage if I end up never using it.

    Thanks again for your time,

    • Benji

      Hi Andy, the water in SXM is safe to drink. While I prefer using a Brita filter, even back in the states, I know some people who drink tap water and its fine. You can buy a Brita filter here on the island if you prefer not to carry one in your luggage. They sell them at Cost-U-Less and Ace’s.

  • Matt

    Andy, along with what Benji wrote, the school has recently installed filtered water bottle refill stations around campus that you can refill your water bottles with. I think AUC might even give you guys a a nice refillable bottle when you guys get here.

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