Research at AUC

Although we are a small Caribbean medical school where the professors’ focus is on teaching, we still have some research data coming from our school. Every semester, select students have the opportunity to get involved in research with our professors, like Dr. Shupe (microbiology), Dr. McIntosh (genetics), Dr. Gomez (pathology), and Dr. Nash (anatomy), on a variety of topics. In addition, in the past, AUC students have organized medical missions to countries like Bolivia and Peru, in which they collect data for research as one of their tasks.

There’s no doubt that research looks great on your MSPE letter (“Medical School Performance Evaluation” aka “Dean’s Letter”), seen by residency directors. For those interested, please contact any of these professors, or attend one of the research presentations they give once every while during the semester.  Here are posters from some of the research projects I photographed on campus.

The Role of Normal Flora in Attracting Mosquitoes
To Investigate the Prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease in St. Maarten
Potential Pathogen Transmission on Medical Student Anatomy Laboratory Clothing
Potential Pathogen Transmission via Anatomy Cadavers