Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Westin

The Westin Resort at Dawn Beach

Beautiful weather, a luxurious pool, the beach, and good food everywhere!

That’s how I would describe the Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Westin Resort, probably the best all-you-can-eat buffet you’ll find on the island. For many students at AUC, it’s just one of those things that you “gotta” do before you leave the island. For me, this is something I can mark two checks on, one last year when Irene came over to visit, and one not too long ago the morning after our Fifth Semester Party. Even with two visits to the famous Brunch, I still haven’t been able to try everything they got.

There are many bars and stations at the Brunch… there’s a breakfast bar that has all the favorites like eggs benedict, bacon, ham, and 4 or 5 different types of pancakes (like pineapple pancake or orange pancake). There’s an omelette station where you can choose your own ingredients and they make the omelette for you. There’s a sushi bar where you can specially request a sushi chef to make different types of sushi or sashimi for you. There’ s a seafood bar with raw oysters, shrimp (the nice big kind), crab claws, and mussels. There’s also a carvery station where you can get roast beef, lamb, pork, or tuna tar tar, carved in front of you. There’s a pasta station where you choose your pasta, sauce, meats, and veggies, and they make it for you. There’s also a station for Indian food and Thai/Indonesian foods. Last but not least, there are desserts galore. I got to try a strawberry mousse, coconut ice cream, trifle, and fruits I dipped in the chocolate fondue fountain. There’s no such thing as too much dessert…

And they don’t call it a “Champagne Brunch” for nothing… a brunch at the Westin comes with champagne as well.

Atmosphere: There are both indoor and outdoor seating at the Brunch, located right by the beautiful tree-lined pool of the Westin. While the indoor seating is nice, I prefer the outdoor seating because of the view you get of the hotel. The place is shaded and the carving station, Indian, Indonesian/Thai, and Pasta stations are outside as well. The other stations are inside.

Service: The service was good when we went.

Food: Awesome. More than enough to choose from. I personally love the fresh seafood as well as the pasta station. And of course, you can’t go wrong with dessert.

The brunch is $50, a little overpriced in my opinion if this were back in the states. But this is St. Maarten, and at a nice resort, and so spend the day at Dawn Beach or the pool and make it a good day.

The Westin is located on the other side of the island from AUC. The Sunday Brunch lasts from 12pm noon until 2pm. If you go before 12pm it’s the Breakfast buffet, which doesn’t have nearly as much things as the Brunch. So go after 12pm!

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