Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Everything Has Got to GO!!!

It’s that time of the semester…

Every semester, AUC students hold two yard sales. Within the first or second week of school, the AUC Spouses Organization organizes the First Semester Sale, open to all students to sell their stuff, mainly textbooks that people are getting rid of as well as the usual everyday supplies. At the end of the semester, the Fifth Semester Class Reps organize the Fifth Semester Sale. Both sales take place at the AUC Gazebos and are open for any student or spouse to sell things, and for any student, spouse, faculty, or staff from AUC or the community to come.

Although anyone from any semester can sell anything at the fifth semester sale, it’s usually mostly us students who are finishing up and leaving the island who are trying to get rid of all of our possessions that we’ve accumulated over the past two years. You’ll not only find books but also houseware, kitchenware, electronics, food, and even TVs and cars. It’s the best sale to go to for those of you who are living in the dorms and are about to move into a new apartment where you might need things. I’ve seen some really incredible deals here, like a $150 computer chair being sold for $50, or a perfectly good condition air mattress sold for half price.

Irene and I set up our shop we called “Gung-Ho Spice Rack,” since our last names combined is “Gung-Ho” and we had a lot of food we were trying to get rid of. Irene gave each pack of grub a funny name like “For Real Corn Meal” or “Corn Starch for you Zygomatic Arch” or “Lentils for your Mentals.” We made signs to advertise from the gazebo. By the end of the day, as a team, we managed to get rid of most of our stuff, and we both had a great time achieving this goal.

For me, I definitely sold most of my stuff for cheap, probably a little too cheap. I sold a blender (retail price $30) for $10, a 5-kitchen knife (retail $30) set for $5, a rice cooker (retail $30) for $10, and a perfectly good toaster for $5. In hindsight, have I let go of these things way to easily?