The Beauty of Histology

Today we took our last histo exam and finished our first class ever in medical school, Histology. It feels great not needing to worry about another class now but I cannot celebrate yet. I need to now focus on the anatomy and MCB exams next monday. Nevertheless, everything seems a little easier, now that we only have two classes and a lab to worry about. I’ve just added time on my hands. Hopefully I’ll use it well.

In the past AUC’s curriculum had been to start histo after the first block exams, but students did not like this because by the first block, they had already established and become comfortable with a study schedule, and adding another class made things much harder, especially for med school. I’m glad they made the switch.

Overall, I enjoyed the class. It was short, yet very thorough, and has lots of pretty pictures, which I can now appreciate without worrying whether or not I can remember them for the exams. The professors had great lectures and explained concepts and details very clearly and fully.  The human body is beautiful, no doubt about it. But under the microscope, it is even more beautiful, even artistic.

Here are some slides from our last block that show that each and every one of us are truly made from beauty.

**UPDATE 11/3/2009**

I just got my score back for the histology test, as well as my final grade in the class. I’m happy to announce that I received an Honor score (>90%) for my first completed course in med school ever! It will show up on my transcript and is a good start for my med school career!

Antral Follicles in Females
Epididymis in Males
The Liver
Pituicytes in Pars Nervosa
The ureter... It's a Star!