How Much Do Things Cost in SXM?

On forums, blogs (including this one), and word of mouth, we keep hearing that things in St. Maarten are pricier than in the states… but what exactly does “pricier” mean? Isn’t it subjective? The only way to truly answer the question is through objective means. I normally throw away my receipts after I come back home from grocery shopping, but today, I have decided to keep it. Here, I have decided to list all the things I’ve bought and the price in US dollars.

As of 2011, the exchange rate at most grocery stores on the Dutch side is US$1 = 1.8 NAF. On the French side it is 1 Euro = US$1.40. Keep in mind that unlike the states, there are no sales taxes here in St. Maarten. Some grocery stores like Gourmet Marche and Grand Marche also give 5% discount to AUC students with ID.

I will continually update this list as I go grocery shopping in the future!

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