What Step 1 Score Should I Aim For?

What Step Score Should I Aim For?

As the USMLE Step 1 Score is the #1 thing residency programs look at when deciding whether or not to grant you an intervew, you should of course aim for the highest score possible. But realistically speaking, not everyone (or anyone) can get the theoretical maximum possible score of 300.

The table below shows the scores in which residency programs generally do not grant interviews as well as the scores in which they generally do in 2010. This data was collected by theย National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) from surveys with program directors every year. Depending on what type of residency you want to do, you’ll want to strive for at least the scores on the right column. As an International Medical Graduate, who needs to “prove yourself more,” add a few more points to the target score listed.

SPECIALTY Programs generally do not grant interviews below these scores: Programs almost always grand interviews above these scores:
Anesthesiology 208 228
Dermatology 221 247
Diagnostic Radiology 218 237
Emergency Medicine 203 227
Family Medicine 194 214
General Surgery 208 223
Internal Medicine 207 228
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics 203 218
Neurology 202 222
OB/GYN 199 216
Orthopedic Surgery 217 236
Otolaryngology 224 244
Pathology 204 226
Pediatrics 200 218
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) 198 209
Plastic Surgery 221 244
Psychiatry 197 211
Radioation Oncology 213 244
Transitional Year 212 239
Data from 2010 NRMP Program Director Survey

What About Passing For The First Time?

As 90% of residency programs seldom or do not consider graduates who did not pass the Step 1 exam the first time around, it is imperative that we not only exceed our target score for our desired residency but also make sure we pass the step the first time we take it. Over the years, the USMLE Step 1 Committee has gradually increased the passing score required for the exam. In January 2010, it was increased from 185 to 188. As of January 2014, the minimum passing score is 192.

How Do Schools Compare in First Time Pass Rate in 2010?

AUC 94%
Ross 93%
SGU 91%
US MD 94%
DO 81%
Non-US Overall 73%

How does AUC Compare with Average Step 1 Score?

In 2010, AUC had an average USMLE Step 1 score of 217. In comparison, the average US average was 221 (2009 data, 2010 pending). 30% of AUC students scored a two-digit score of 99 (which is the maximum two-digit score possible, equivalent this year to a three-digit score of 229 or higher).