AUC and USMLE Step 1

The 2010 USMLE Step 1 results statistics for AUC are out! This past year, 94% of AUC students who took the exam for the first time passed. In comparison, the average was 94% for US MD schools and 81% for US DO schools (2009 statistics). The average score for AUC jumped two points from 215 in 2009 to 217 in 2010. 30% of AUC students scored a two-digit score of 99 (which is the highest two-digit score you can get), and half scored over a 90!! And whoever got the 262… just amazing. Read more about it here!

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  • Izzy

    Thanks for sharing this, I am not really sure about Value MD. People that post on there sure do think they can predict the future about future residency spots. I know this is only step 1 scores by the way.

  • Robert

    I was wondering if you could comment on the the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Examination? is it true that you must pass this before AUC allows you to take the USMLE? Love the blog.

    • Benji

      Hi Robert,
      Yes, students have to pass both the four hour NBME Comp and the eight hour Becker comp exam (previously Kaplan) on the island during fifth semester in order to be allowed to take the USMLE Step one. We are given three chances to pass the NBME comp. If we don’t pass after three chances, we are required to take a review course back in the states then return the following semester to the island to retake it a fourth time. If one fails the NBME Comp a fourth time, then one is dismissed from school. With the Becker Comp, we are given two chances to pass it. In my experience, four chances to pass the NBME Comp and two chances to pass the Becker Comp is more than enough. About half my class passed the NBME Comp on the first try. Almost everyone passes by the second or third try. In my class, only a handful had to take it a fourth time, and every one of these folks passed it and moved into clinicals. I can’t think of anyone I know who actually failed out of med school due to the exams. The Becker exam is easier than the NBME Comp and scored even more generously. Because of this, almost everyone passes it on the first try. Like the NBME Comp, only a handful of people had to take the Becker Comp a second time. The comp exams are there to help us make sure that we are prepared to take the real deal, and is good practice. We also need to pass a comp exam before being allowed to take the USMLE Step 2CK exam. More info here:

  • fiza

    253 students took the exams, AUC usually takes in near 400 students, does that mean 147 withdrew/failed/were not allowed to take exam?

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