Application Process for AUC

A couple of readers have asked me about what the procedure was like when I applied to AUC, so here, I’d like to address it.

The application process for AUC is very swift and straightforward. This is because after AUC receives your online application, they assign all applicants an admissions advisor who guides you throughout the whole process and answers all your questions. They contact you often and keep you up to date as of your application status. They are a great resource of information and I highly recommend anyone applying to AUC to always be in contact with them.

The application process went by very fast for AUC. Here is a timeline of my application:

May 16: I submitted the online application. I also printed off the Signature Form from the online application, signed it, and sent it via priority mail to the Miami office.

May 20: I was assigned an admissions advisor, and she emailed me a checklist.

June 8: All my transcripts, test scores, recommendations are received and the Miami office submitted my complete application to the admissions committee in St. Maarten.

June 22
: My admissions advisor notified me of my acceptance by phone and email. A few days later, I received the official acceptance letter in the mail, as well as an enrollment packet with all the necessary documents and forms. I sent in the enrollment form + fee, and housing reservation form + fee as soon as I could, via priority mail, as spaces in the dorms run out fast.

July 17: Besides the enrollment and housing reservation form and fees, all the other documents were not as urgent, so AUC received all of this by July 17 (health clearance form, passport photo, visa form etc.).

August 27: I flew to St. Maarten

AUC says that they notify you of their decision in 2-5 weeks, but I heard back from them within 2 weeks.

Interviews at AUC

It used to be that AUC gave direct admissions and only interviewed applicants whose applications they thought needed clarifications. However, as of 2013, AUC now interviews all applicants who they think are competitive, and so if you receive an invitation for an interview, it is definitely a good sign that they are interested in you!

For me, I was given direct admission before AUC started doing routine interviews, and so I don’t have any personal experience with the interview at AUC. However, I did have experience interviewing at other schools in the US and Caribbean, and was also able to gather some information about the AUC interviews from students that came after me. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fly to St. Maarten for an interview. Depending on where you are located, you may either do the interview in-person or over the phone, at several different locations in the US. The interviews tend to be short, around 30 minutes. The questions they ask are fairly standard. Be prepared to answer questions like:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why medicine? Why doctor?
  • Why AUC?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? What makes you stand out as a candidate? What can you bring to the field of medicine?
  • What are your career goals/future plans in medicine? How do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why the Caribbean? Why do you think you were not accepted to a US school?
  • What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies or special interests?
  • Tell me about ______ (something you did during undergrad, etc.). Be prepared to answer any holes or red flags in your application.

Good luck to all those who are applying to AUC and other medical schools!

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  • Neil

    Thanks for the info! I was wondering if the application process has changed a bit since you applied. In particular the timeline, when should we apply in order to hopefully get admitted for the fall starting class, thanks!

    • Benji

      Hi Neil, the timeline should be the same, and I can’t imagine the application process being that different from when I applied. When you apply, be sure to stay in close contact with your admissions advisor so you make sure you got all the paperwork and documents right.

  • dania

    i am new to your blog and very interested in med school in the Caribbean . i am pending my MCAT. would you mind sharing if your MCAT was “average” or was that your strongest in your application? I appreciate you sharing your experience

  • Traci

    Hi Benji,
    Thank you again on this wonderful site and congratulations on your pass on both parts of Step 2!!!
    I don’t know if you can post an update on your blog that AUC now requires in person interviews in Miami? I have one scheduled next month. I was told that this started in the past year.
    Best of luck,

  • Vivian

    Hello Benji,

    Thank you again for answering my questions from your other posts. Please can you tell me which class enrollment period would be best since I really prefer a small class size. I know that AUC recently opened a new building that will greatly affect class size this year, so, do you think the January 2015 class will be significantly smaller than the September 2014 entry class? I need help deciding which term I should apply for the upcoming school year. I really want a smaller class but I am concerned that AUC will no longer have smaller class sizes due to the new building. I get really nervous imagining myself in a class with 300 students. I would greatly appreciate your advice on this matter.

    • Benji

      Hi Vivian, it is true that AUC’s class sizes are increasing every year. When I started in September, we had 199 students in our class and we were the largest class in AUC’s history at the time. Many things have happened since then, like the DeVry acquisition and the new building. Last September 2013, the class size was around 260, which is by no means a small class size, although it is still smaller than Ross and SGU. I can only imagine the class sizes increasing even more in the coming years. The smallest classes would be either May or January. May is a better semester in my opinion because it gives you a little more leeway/time than September class to complete your rotations before the Match, but not as long as what the January class will have to go through.

  • Vivian

    Thank you Benji for answering my questions. Please I would like some clarification about the January vs May entering class. You said you preferred the May class because it gives more time to complete clinical rotations before the Match, but what about the January class? Does the January class have more time to prepare for Step 1 and also complete rotations before the Match period?

    • Benji

      Hi Vivian, in a given year, the May, January, and September classes will all match the same year. But because May class starts earlier than September class, they will have more time (and therefore more flexibility in the schedule) than the September class to finish their clinical rotations, take the step exams and graduate. The January class will have even more time than the May class. With the January class, there will be so much free time, like 8-10 months extra time before residency, and I think this is too much time, especially since your financial aid repayment starts kicking in after 6 months grace period after you finish school. Many students who started January have to start paying back loans before residency even starts, before we even make our first pay check. With that much free time, students also will have to find something to do to fill that time, like research, externship, volunteer, etc. so it wouldn’t seem like he/she were wasting time, especially in the eyes of residency programs for which you are applying to. In my opinion, May is the best class to start in because it gives you some extra time without it being too much extra time.

  • Vivian

    Thank you Benji, you thoroughly answered my question.

  • Hi Benji, just wanted to say thanks for posting all this info about AUC! As a post-bacc student who didn’t get into US schools this year, I have been seriously considering applying to AUC but was unsure about a lot of things. Your blog has helped answer a lot of my questions and I am going to be applying for either the Sept ’14 or Jan ’15 class. Thanks!

    • Benji

      Hi Mandy! Thanks for reading and I’m glad you found some posts here that are helpful. I too was a post-bacc student who came from a completely different educational background (architecture) and made the decision to study medicine. Now, I’ve earned my MD and am starting residency soon. It’s completely doable. I hope you also find the path that will successfully lead you to where you want to be in medicine. All the best in your applications for this coming September (or January)!

  • Jas

    Hi Benji,

    First of all, thank-you for your incredibly informative blog! I am graduating this April,and plan to write my MCATs this summer following graduation. The only problem is that I have never taken physics in my undergrad. I noticed this is a requirement for admission and I was wondering if you had any insight on whether I can still apply without taking physics? I am very interested in applying to this school, and your blog has really solidified my decision to apply.


    • Benji

      Hi Jas,
      Thanks for reading my blog. Physics is a premed requirement that is pretty much standard across the nation. Because of this, I do not think AUC would accept applicants who do not have this requirement. Physics is also needed to understand many medical concepts such as the mechanics of breathing, blood-gas exchange, or how dopplers and MRIs work. I would highly recommend you take physics, and apply to med school broadly in the US, and if this fails, in the Caribbean as well.

  • Kirsti

    Hey Benji,

    You’re blog is amazing and I have learned so much useful info from reading it! I am an American undergrad in my junior year, I will be graduating one semester early (December 2016 graduation) and am interested in applying for the January 2017 class! I am planning to take my MCAT in July or August 2016. Do you think this is too late to take the MCAT before applying? Also, at the time of application, I will barely be 21 years old, do you think that a young age would work against me? One last question, sorry for having so many! Am I even allowed to apply before I have graduated/completed all of the requirements so long as I will have had them completed and graduated by December 2016 before the January 2017 class begins?

    Thanks again for a super informative and great blog! Congrats on your success!


    • Benji

      Hi Kirsti,
      Take it early enough so that you can send your applicants out early. Don’t wait til the last minute. I did this and was not able to get into many US schools as a result. Med school is very competitive and sending your application out early would give your application a chance to be looked at. Also age shouldn’t matter. As long as you have all your prerequisites done before you matriculate, it should be fine. I would discuss with your premed advisor at your school as well… they are a great resource.

  • Take it early enough so that
    you can send your applicants
    out early. Don’t wait til the
    last minute. I did this and was
    not able to get into many US
    schools as a result.
    school is very competitive and
    sending your application out
    early would give your
    application a chance to be
    looked at. Also age shouldn’t
    matter. As long as you have
    all your prerequisites done
    before you matriculate, it
    should be fine. I would discuss
    with your premed advisor at
    your school as well… they are
    a great

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