Customer Satisfaction 10/10!

Earlier yesterday, I received a call from Mr. S of AUC offering any advice or help on any last minute questions I may have had before I head down to the island. I hadn’t had any in particular, so I made one up on the spot. I’d like to commend AUC for having such great communication with matriculants. During these past two months, they guided me all the way, and kept in touch. Three different representatives have called me to ask if I needed any help. Even more have e-mailed me. My admissions advisor Julie was also very very friendly and kept constant contact with me. She even hand-wrote me a personalized card to introduce herself, and gave me an “e-high five” (as she called it) when I was her first place winner for having all the necessary documentation submitted for September 2009. She answered my emails fast, one time within less than 5 minutes! She said she’ll be on the island during orientation to help out, and I think it would be really cool to meet her in person. AUC also assigned me an orientation advisor, and I think there’s only one other matriculant assigned to him. So far I don’t have any major questions for him, so I also made one up on the spot. I hope now that they have won me over, they will continue being as incredibly accessible as they have been. The only complaint I have is that I wish they sent me a customer satisfaction survey so I can rate them 10/10!