Flying Over The Caribbean

My father had always been afraid of flying and so throughout our childhood, my brothers and I never had the chance to ride on an airplane. I took my first plane ride to Costa Rica only when I was in 11th grade. Because of my particular upbringing, I now feel that each time I fly, I have tasted the forbidden fruit. I become engrossed in the experience, from the moment the plane takes on speed, to the first feeling of liftoff, then the amazing world above the clouds. I don’t understand why there are those who take window seats, and then shut the windows when the sky is beautiful. I hadn’t slept much the night before, but during all four hours of the trip from Atlanta to SXM my eyes kept wide open, my nose grease collecting on the airplane window, as the beautiful world passes by below me. I had always been a geography geek, and as our plane headed over the Bahamas, I was tormenting myself on why I hadn’t brought my world atlas in my carry-on to ID the islands as we passed by them. But nevertheless, I later looked them up on Google Earth, and here are some pics from my flight!