Blog Library

Lately I’ve been searching and reading through numerous blogs of Caribbean medical students, from large schools like St. George’s University to smaller ones like St. James School of Medicine. I would like to create a comprehensive list, essentially a “blog library” where prospective students can reference to get a taste of what life is like in each school in the views of current students.

When I was a pre-med teasing the idea of studying abroad, I ran across a blog written by some random girl with funny green hair. “She’s a med student?” I thought. This “random girl” turned out to be Kendra Campbell, a fourth-year medical student at Ross University working hard and loving what she does. I found her blog lively, genuine, intelligent, and full of insight and detail. Her posts like Why I’m Attending… inspired me and posts like Will I Be Stigmatized… answered my questions to the point and in honest language.

Soon after, I discovered more blogs like that of Topher, an introspective student who formerly attended SGU and now attends Drexel College of Medicine, and Enrico of UAG School of Medicine. They are all drastically different, revealing different perspectives. It is because of the great help that blogs like Kendra’s and others provided me that I decided to start on my own experiences as an AUC student. I’m new at this, so please, any suggestions about how I can improve this blog (to be less boring, to be more useful, etc.) would be greatly appreciated!

So check out my “blog library” so far! Oh, and if you have a blog or know of any other blogs of Caribbean medical students, please let me know so I can add them! Thank you!