Sports at AUC

AUC does not have official school-sponsored sports groups. However, AUC students have always put together sports groups. Throughout my time on the island, I have seen basketball, soccer, street hockey, and softball teams created by AUC students. Many groups, like the AUC Bacteriophages (men’s softball) and the Cushingnoids (men’s soccer) have competed with local island teams in the St. Maarten leagues, sometimes even winning and getting a place in the newspaper. However, since students are only on the island for a limited time (5-6 semesters), sports groups often find themselves without anyone to carry on the organization. Hopefully with these Facebook groups, the interest in sports will continue, and the torches can be passed down from semester after semester of students.


This picture was taken from 2011 at a Futsal tournament with a local team in Philipsburg. They were called the Cushingnoids for a while.

AUC Futsal Team playing in the local leagues


The picture below is from back in the days when Dr. Brooks played with the AUC basketball team in the local league.

AUC Basketball Team from the past


For a while, some students in my class were involved in a softball team called the Bacteriophages (or Phages for short). Every week, they went out to Philipsburg to play and compete in the local leagues. Although they didn’t always win, they always had the most spirit and most supporters cheering them on.

The AUC Bacteriophages playing in the local softball league


The Canadian Medical Students Association (CMSA) has a group that goes out and play street hockey every week at the Caribbean International Academy, a K-12 Canadian school near AUC. CMSA also holds a hockey tournament every semester. The picture below was from 2010. Sorry about the quality. I snapped it with my iPhone.

CMSA Hockey Tournament