Engagement Photo Shoot

About two months ago, my brother Jimmy Ho came down to Miami for a business trip to shoot a wedding for one of his clients. As I had been out of the country for a while, it was truly wonderful to see him and his family again. As part of a wedding gift to Irene and me, Jimmy and his wife April gave us an engagement photo session.

Irene and I were really excited, and every day we thought long and hard as to what we wanted to do for our photo shoot. We were thinking maybe we could feed the egrets by the pond where she used to live, or carry big red balloons around the city with skyscrapers towering above us, or perhaps shoot some photos at the Port of Miami with the ships full of cargo in the background. The possibilities were many in sunny Miami.

The day finally came, and after all the beautiful sunny days we’ve been blessed with before, mother nature just had to bring the rains down that day, and a lot of it too. The sky was pouring rain almost all day, and with the little windows of opportunities when it wasn’t raining, it was very cloudy. What were we going to do?

At first, we were both disappointed, and told Jimmy maybe we should cancel this time. But not giving up, Jimmy said let’s try it out anyway, rain or shine. So we stepped out into the rain…

And without a doubt, Jimmy indeed makes any time, place, and situation look amazing. Thank you so much Jimmy!

Moral of the story:

In life, sometimes the rain will wash out a beautiful sunny day. But if you give it a chance, a rainy day can be beautiful too.

All the photos above were taken by Jimmy Ho. Check out more photos from our engagement shoot on Jimmy’s website!

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