Birthday Weekend

Irene and I at the Everglades Alligator Farm! This past weekend I flew up to Miami from St. Maarten to spend my birthday with my love.

This past Monday, March 21, I had my 27th birthday! Yes, that’s right, BIG 27!!  I could have spent that special day on the island, but it wouldn’t be the same without the person that I love. Because of this, I decided it would be the perfect time to take a trip to see Irene in Miami.

I just had my exams. She just had her exams. We were both free.

While everyone was partying after blocks on Monday night, I spent my post-block evening studying ahead so that I could spend quality time with Irene without having to worry about missing classes or falling behind. I hopped on a plane on Friday, and flew over to Miami for a memorable four days with Irene, whom I hadn’t seen in nearly three months.

Here were some of the awesome things we did while I was in Miami:

  • Kayaked the Oleta River — It’s a little bit of nature in the middle of urban Miami. We saw lots of cranes and almost got tipped over by dolphins!
  • Robert at Robert Is Here Fruit Stand — A well-known local establishment selling all sorts of tropical fruit varieties as well as some of the best fresh fruit shakes in the world!
  • Calle Ocho — Strolled down the main street of the Cuban neighborhood of Little Havana and ate at a local Cuban eatery there.
  • Everglades Alligator Farm — Rode on an Airboat through the Everglades and fed baby alligators at the Alligator Farm.
  • Trekked the Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park — We saw a crane go berzerk after it dropped it’s fish dinner from it’s mouth, which immediately got chomped up by a nearby alligator.
  • Challah Bread French Toast — Yeah we made it ourselves and you know you want some!
  • Shopped at Aventura Mall — A really really nice mall right by where Irene lives. It’s definitely a shopper’s paradise!
  • Made Dinner together — We love each other, and we love cooking. What’s better than cooking together?
  • Had a Moroccan Feast at Kabobji’s — Located in Aventura, it’s one of the BEST middle eastern restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. I stuffed myself so full that I need to go back next time for dessert!
  • El Gran Inka —  For my birthday dinner, we went to a really trendy Peruvian restaurant for some cocktails and ceviche!
  • Got the 2011 First Aid USMLE Prep book for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Previously, I had been using the old 2007 edition… it’s about time I got an update. Thanks Irene!
  • Went to class with Irene, and did some studying myself!!
  • Fed birds at a pond outside Irene’s apartment. They sure do love moldy bread! Perhaps we need to get more bread next time and let it mold so we can have more fun feeding them again!
  • Worked out together at Irene’s gym. I hadn’t worked out much this semester, and it was good feeling and seeing the vasodilation in my muscles again!

Check out some of the photos from my trip!