Blue Mall Update

So as I have talked about in an earlier post, a new mall is currently being constructed near AUC. I remember when I first came to AUC, the Blue Mall was just a lifeless, monolithic concrete skeleton. Over the semesters, I enjoyed seeing it grow little by little, becoming more and more complete and beautiful. Living not too far from the construction, part of the ritual of coming home from school was seeing if they added anything new to the building… a new exterior, glass panels, new roadways.  Like seeing a baby or a plant grow, it’s a joy seeing a building grow from something that was not there before, to something that will eventually be a place where people gather and have their lives cross.

Last year, the Blue Mall’s website had projected the completion of the mall to be Fall 2010. That date has long gone, and the mall is not completed yet. However, despite the long time that has been taking them, so much of the Mall has been built. Now, they are projecting the completion date to be October 2011. Looking at the pictures, do you think this goal is possible?

**UPDATE 11/2012**

The Blue Mall is now open! There are lots of shops and eateries now open. You can check out their Facebook page here.