Lolos in Grand Case: Barbecue by the Beach

Grand Case is often called the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” with its fine French bistros. But Grand Case is also uniquely Caribbean, with its many outdoor off-the-grill picnic-style food joints, known as lolos. The barbecue is king here, and something you gotta get if you come here.  When Irene and I went, we also tried the conch sausage, conch soup, fish johnny cakes, and the stuffed christophine, a type of squash native to the Caribbean.

There are several lolo shacks to choose from, and they all have fun names like “Talk of the Town” or “Sky’s The Limit.” Most, if not all, offer 1:1 euro-dollar conversions, making lolos a very economical choice for getting a good meal.

With picnic tables and grills by the beach, lolos offer a relaxed setting to go with friends and family.

The service is hit-or-miss. Sometimes when I have gone, the waiters and cooks were very nice in recommending their specialties, and fast in serving the food. Other times, I’ve had to wait a long time and felt the waiters have forgotten about us.

There was quite a variety of choices, and a $10 meat plate (called “chicken food” or “ribs food”) can get you a good number of them to try. Food was good and simple, and reminds me of good ole backyard picnic food. The Christophine was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it as a side dish to your main BBQ plate.

Meal: $5-$10

The lolos are located in Grand Case, on Restaurant Row, right by the beach. Here are directions on how to get there from AUC:

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