Cat on the Beach

Towards the end of last semester, I adopted a baby cat named Haiku. A good friend of mine found her abandoned along with three other stray kittens outside of Cupecoy Market. Since I felt it’d be nice to have a little furry friend in my otherwise lonely apartment, I took her in, and she has been my roommate ever since. Haiku is a St. Maarten native, but last week Irene and I took her on her first visit to the beach.

She absolutely loved it!

She loved digging in the sand and jumping around — it was like a giant litter box for her. She loved exploring the beach so much that by the end of the day, she ended up playing in someone else’s beach bag!

Haiku is unlike many cats I’ve seen. She is extroverted, hyperactive, and loves attention. In a way, she complements my personality and gives me a reason to smile when I am stressed.

Lesson of the Day:

Whether it is a friend, a dog, or a cat, it’s nice to have someone who can always be there to relieve you from the stresses of med school.