Irene Island

Remember Island Hopping Adventure? Last semester, Arif, Chris, and I conquered three of the four islands in Lucas Bay. This past week during the break, Irene and I revisited Lucas Bay to conquer the last island. This island is actually the easiest and shallowest to get to. There were hardly any currents and with our sandals in the water, Irene and I waded across the bay and stepped onto the island effortlessly. With a small climb up the slopes of ancient reef, we found a shrine made of coral at the top, left by earlier visitors to the island.

St. Martin continues to amaze me, even after two semesters of being here. I still can’t believe I’m going to med school in a place where I can just reach down into the shallow waters around our feet and pick up beautiful starfish, sea urchins, conchs, and hermit crabs. There’s so much to discover here, not just in the anatomy labs or in the lecture halls, but all around us on the island. Like academics, we just have to actively go find it.

How to get to Irene Island from AUC: