It’s Fish Day!

As Irene and I were driving around the French side after our diving session, we saw a lot of banners and advertisements for a festival in Cul-de-Sac. After seeing the several banners on the side of the road, Irene and I chuckled as we found the name so simple and straight to the point of what the festival was celebrating. It wasn’t named in memory of someone important. It wasn’t the anniversary of a significant historical event. No.. it was Fish Day! Only on an island can you see an entire festival dedicated to fish!

We headed over. The festival was so jammed pack with people that we had to drive very far just to get an available parking spot. From observation, the festival seemed to be completely local… not something that one would normally think would appeal to tourists. But it was this exact reason that I thought it was so cool. This was a festival uniting families and friends together in good times… with fish.

Irene and I loved fish too so we joined in on the fun!

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