AMSA Phi Chi Barbecue

Every semester on the Saturday after White Coat Ceremony, AMSA and Phi Chi jointly host a BBQ at Mullet Bay Beach, just right outside campus. Everything’s free: free food, free beach volleyball, free sun… you get the idea, and open to everyone part of the AUC Family. Because I spent most of my own White Coat weekend last September with my own family, Saturday was my first time going. After a busy first full week of classes, and my personal first week as both anatomy TA and class rep, it was a wonderful break to go down the road for some hotdogs and hamburgers right off the grill and a cold beer (in my case, Sunkist), hanging out with some old friends and seeing some new ones I met the last two weeks.

A little about AMSA and Phi Chi:

AMSA (American Medical Students Association) is a nation-wide student-run organization that is geared towards enriching the experience as well as represent the concerns of medical students. The AUC Chapter is one of the few international chapters of AMSA. They hold several hands-on workshops every semester, teaching skills like phlebotomy, suturing, advanced suturing, and radiology, as well as run campaigns such as the PharmFree Initiative.

Phi Chi is one of the oldest national service fraternities for medical students, with more than 120 years of history. They have since gone international, with three chapters outside of the U.S., the one at AUC being one of them. They host seminars, community outreach programs, as well as academic resources. It’s a great way to network with fellow medical students around the nation (US and beyond). The AUC Library actually has a special “Phi Chi room” with special academic resources only available for those in Phi Chi.

A lot of students showed up, bringing their families, kids, and dogs, and everyone had a good time.

Here are some awesome pictures of the event taken by Phi Chi as well as RF, our school’s official student photographer!