White Coat Ceremony, Webcasted Live!

Tomorrow (Friday, January 15, 2010) will be an important day for many new students here at AUC. As first semester students scramble to finish their first full week in med school in preparation for their induction into the world of medicine at their White Coat Ceremony, I will be scrambling as well. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me. I will have class from 8am to 12:30pm. Then directly afterwards, I am assigned to help set up Lecture Hall #2 for the White Coat Ceremony. From 2pm-4pm I will be TA-ing the anatomy lab, after which I will rush home, get dressed in a nice shirt and tie and get back to campus by 5pm to act as usher for this year’s White Coat Ceremony beginning at 5:30pm. After the white coat ceremony, I will attend the reception at Bliss and hopefully come back by 9pm.

The White Coat Ceremony is one of the two most important ceremonies in the medical student’s educational career, the other being Graduation, of course. It is a beautiful ceremony where the students are given their first White Coat, a cloak of trust, professionalism, and compassion. Putting on the white coat for the first time symbolizes the students’ official welcome into the greater medical community of white-coat wearers. For all those family and friends (or anyone else interested) who are not able to make it down to St. Maarten to see your loved ones walk the stage at the White Coat Ceremony tomorrow, you can watch it here, webcasted live, on Diary of a Caribbean Med Student!

The live broadcasting will begin at 5:30pm Atlantic Time, January 15, 2010! So that is:

  • 4:30pm Eastern Time
  • 3:30pm Central Time
  • 2:30pm Mountain Time
  • 1:30pm Pacific Time

Don’t miss it! It will begin broadcasting on this screen:

Free video streaming by Ustream

If you have any trouble viewing this, please visit: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/AUC-white-coat