Registration Day!!

Orientation Time! This is the time in which I will be trained to become a medical student. Out of all the schools I’ve attended, AUC is by far the most diverse. I am amazed by all the heritages represented in the student body. Just today waiting in line to register, I met a Bahamian guy, a downright Texan, and a Bengali from Canada. There are some people who look tough, while others are more nerdy like me. There are a lot of Canadians here too, something you don’t really see in U.S. schools.

After registration, I went to the school business fair where representatives from local stores come on campus to promote their products. I bought a Chippie SIM Card from the UTS representatives for $20, which is $5 cheaper if I got it at an actual store. It includes $11 of credit. The process of buying a SIM card is so easy here, compared to when I bought SIM cards in other countries. In Taiwan, with Dageda, I had to fill out this long sheet with a carbon copy then have the store mail it off to the phone company. Then I had to wait a few hours for my card to activate. In Mexico, I also needed to fill out some paperwork and activate through a store employee. In St. Maarten, seemingly they just pop in the SIM card, press a few buttons on the phone and within a few seconds, you got a working phone number! Calling here is pretty expensive though, as I have blogged about before, and it is strange to me how it is on average cheaper to call international long-distance to the US ($0.32/min) than it is to call locally ($0.36/min). Texting is $0.15 each and all incoming calls and texts are free. I also found out that there are many places around St. Maarten that offer discounts to AUC students, including Le Grande Marche, Budget Car Rental, and many local restaurants. All I have to do is ask about it.

I also picked up a nifty dissection kit in its own leather carry case, and a lab coat handsomely embroidered with the AUC logo. I will be wearing this lab coat in lab and in the white coat ceremony. Hopefully we will not be dissecting any cadavers before the white coat ceremony!

Turns out we did start on dissections for a week before the white coat ceremony. Just make sure you wash it well, and leave no obvious stains!

I just couldn't wait to try on my lab coat!
beautiful set!