Carousel Gelateria: Bringing Back Old Memories, and Adding New Ones

Remember back in those happy days when you were a child when there was nothing better than riding on a merry-go-round with a big cone of ice cream in your hands? Well, Carousel Gelateria in Simpson Bay takes you back to those days, and adds a couple of new memories as well.

Carousel Gelateria takes the idea of a good ole neighborhood ice cream parlor and transforms it to something much bigger than that. Not only is their gelato absolutely delicious, creamy, and a joy to look at, but it is also a wonderful place to be with friends and family. With a chandelier, domed ceiling, and large mosaic murals on the walls, their atmosphere is modern, elegant, and fun. Outside, right on the water is the beautiful, iconic carousel that gives the gelateria its name. As the kids ride on the carousel, the grown-ups can check out the photography display along the wall of the round building. These pictures feature different people and famous figures around the world and from different time periods and cultures eating ice cream, uniting the world with ice cream. Inside, while slurping on your gelato, you can look through the glass-encased kitchen to see the place where the very gelato in your hands is made.

Carousel has some of the best ice cream I’ve had, and lots of flavors to choose from, with the usual like vanilla or strawberry, to the more eclectic, like apple pie (which is amazing), hazelnut (also amazing), grapefruit mint, banana, macadamia nut, and Snickers ice cream. My favorite flavors are the Tartufo (Italian for “Truffle”) and the Ferrero Rocher ice cream. I’m a chocolate person and I absolutely love extremely chocolaty chocolate. The Tartufo is just that. The Ferrero Rocher is amazing, with bits and pieces of wafer and hazelnut that makes me love the original Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffle. The Milk Cream ice cream is also very good, and it is what pure, good ole original ice cream should taste like without the added vanilla that is often added to ice cream. Simply milky, creamy, sweet… what more do I want?

When Patrick and I went to Carousel last week, I got to sample their special limited-time-only Heineken ice cream. It taste just like Heineken beer, but sweet. I would have never imagined you can make beer into ice cream. Carousel does the job. Amazing.

Carousel also has crepes, cakes, shakes, and sundays.

Clean, fun, elegant, friendly, and all the extra goodies that make this place more than just an ice cream parlor.

The service is very friendly, and they let me sample all sorts of flavors before deciding.

Some of the best ice cream I’ve had.

Carousel is located in Simpson Bay on the Dutch side of the island, past the bridge on the left side of the main road if you’re coming from AUC.

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