Weekend of Fun….draising!!

It’s the first weekend of the fourth block, and the last true weekend before the end of the semester where we can have fun without worrying as much about exams. Everyone knows this, and so that is why it is not too surprising that there are seven student-run events going on this weekend, squeezing in the last bit of fundraising and fun for the semester.


  • Second Semester’s “Flip-Out” Party — a fundraising event for the second semester class. 8pm @ Rising Sun Penthouse
  • First Semester’s After-Block Party at Club Eleven — a fundraising event for the first semester class. 11pm @ Club Eleven


  • AUC “2010 World Cup” Soccer Tournament — a fundraising event sponsored by Alpha Omega Phi Honor Society for a local charity. 10am @ AUC Basketball Courts
  • Phi Chi Wine and Cheese Gala — an annual event, and one of the best attended events at AUC. 7pm @ Home of Dr. Atchley, Tigris Rd.
  • Phi Chi Wine and Cheese Official Afterparty — at Bliss, with AUC’s very own student DJ, DJ Illmatic. 10pm @ Bliss


  • A Day At The Park — a fundraising event sponsored by Phi Chi for the ICAN Foundation of St. Maarten, an orphanage on the island. 12pm @ AUC Field.
  • Phi Chi’s Annual Dodgeball Tournament — this event is held every year, but this year, they are combining it with the Day At The Park Event. 12pm @ AUC Field.

As for me, I’d like to check out the Day At The Park event and hang out with the kids from the Children’s home.