How Do You Condense 191 Lecture Slides Onto One Sheet of Paper?

For the past few semesters, I’ve really struggled with classes where you have tons of seemingly random facts and names to memorize… namely, med micro and pharmacology. I never figured out how to study for Pharm I last semester and even first block of Pharm II this semester, I did poorly on the exam. But for the second block, I decided to do something different… I outlined the information on hundreds (if not thousands) of slides onto just a few sheets of paper. After learning¬† the big picture, I began to fill in the details onto the outline as I go through my notes more times. Having everything on one sheet of paper made me see the big picture, along with their details, and made referencing material a lot easier. In addition, I incorporated the use of lots of mnemonics into my studying and created questions. I also discussed the material and did questions with a study partner. As a result I did well on last Monday’s exam, thanks to the art of condensing… Here is everything you need to know about chemotherapy pharmacology (4 lectures, 191 slides) on one sheet of paper… front and back. Isn’t it beautiful?