Places to Eat Around AUC

There’s lots of places within walking distance of campus to eat. Here I’ve made a list of them. Most restaurants around campus give student discounts and have student specials after block exams. Just ask.


0-5 minutes walking from AUC

  • AUC Cafeteria — On Campus — by far the best deal you can find around campus, and even better, it is on campus. It’s easy to come by during the breaks between classes and grab something quick to eat, or you can eat a full-fledged meal. You can get a take-out box overflowing with food from the hot bar for a mere $5 and it can last at least two meals (especially when Paula is serving it). You can order burgers or hot-pressed paninis off the grill, and their crepes are also pretty good, especially the one with nutella and ice cream (which as an aspiring physician I don’t recommend you getting all the time). They offer free coffee and tea to all the students everyday, which I am incredibly thankful for this past week studying for finals.
  • BB’s Grill — Barbecue chicken, ribs, fish-n-chips, pizza, and more. They have a great $5 lunch menu (do I hear competition from the AUC cafeteria?) I personally like the barbecue, and most entrees come with two side dishes, like rice, macaroni salad, or green salad. Their pizza is a little bit different than Pizza Dan’s. It’s smaller, thin-crust, and more expensive, but they have some eclectic toppings you can put on there, like capers, olives, eggs, and anchovies, as well as the usual good-ole pepperoni. Free BB shots after Block exams. I like the live music every Friday. We’ve held a couple of fundraising events at BB’s, like AUC Diversity Council’s Anything-But-Medicine Trivia Night.
  • Fat Tony’s — Legit New York-style pizza place right next to BB’s on Tigris Rd. This place opened after I left the island so I haven’t tried it before, but I hear it’s great. Papa Dan’s got some competition!
  • Deep Bleu Bar and Grill — The Summit — wonderful place by the water. Burgers, Fries, bar. Try the tuna steak burger… yum. Every Monday after block exams, my friends and I come here for the 2-for-1 Margarita mondays. It’s owned by an American guy named Tracy and he’s pretty cool. To get here, just walk into The Summit Resort and follow the signs. It’s NOT the one by the pool (which is Tropical Heaven). Walk past the pool and you get to a flight of stairs that lead you down to the restaurant, by the lagoon. **UPDATE 1/2013** As of January 2013, Deep Bleu appears to have closed. The American owner has returned home to the mainland. I’m not sure if there will be new management or another restaurant to take its place in the future. I will miss this place.
  • Tropical Heaven — The Summit — the restaurant by the pool, not to be confused with Deep Bleu Cafe, which is down the stairs. I’ve never been there but it’s more recently become a popular place among students. They often have all-you-can-eat chicken and ribs for $13. Tropical Heaven offers 10% off for all students and they have happy hour everyday from 5 to 7 with on house drinks. Tropical Heaven is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Sugar Cane Grill — Atlantis Casino — great place to go to satisfy your late night cravings (or cravings anytime, really). Burgers, Pizza, Ribs, Salad, Pasta.. the usual American foods. Really casual place, and also a popular place among AUC students.
  • The Espresso Coffee House — They sell all sorts of coffee, espressos, cappucinos, milkshakes, cookies, cakes, salad, soup, wraps, sandwiches. They have nice couches inside and outside to sit on and watch the news or chat with a friend. Medium-sized cappucinos — $3.50. Slices of cake — $2.50. Foot-long sandwich — $6.
  • Papa Dan’s Pizza — He’s a favorite among students and makes great pizza, from the normal flavors to the more exotic, like curry, ranch, buffalo (sauce, not the beast), or honey pizza. You can also bring him something from your own kitchen to put on your pizza. One of my classmates always brings pickles and tells him to put it on (and now, Pizza Dan has officially added it onto his menu!) . His pizzas are big and can last you two meals at a good price, around $13-16. Papa Dan’s is literally a small kitchen with a window which you go up to order. There’s a few tables and chairs outside where you can sit and eat pizza. He’s a few steps up the street from the guard shack and gives student discounts. Dan’s a cool guy from Paris who always loves having a chit chat with students. He’s also on Skype (Skype Name: papadansxm), so if you add him as a friend on Skype, you can send him a message and order your pizza via Skype!
  • Thai Savanh — Atlantis Casino — Francophied Thai food. A little overpriced in my opinion (even with the AUC discount they give) but really great Thai curries and Pad Thai nevertheless. This place is especially popular among AUC students and they give AUC discounts. They also take orders via Skype (Skype Name: Thai-Savanh).
  • Shak’ Eat — Atlantis Casino — Opened in spring 2012, this place offers some healthy alternatives to the other restaurants around campus. They offer build-your-own salads, pastas, sandwiches, as well as fresh fruit juices. This place is especially great if you have late night munchies from late night studying, opening from 11am to 3am, and they give 10% discounts to AUC students!
  • Rare — Atlantis Casino — Never been here, but I’ve read lots of great reviews about this place from travel magazines. It’s a very nice restaurant, and a great place to take a date. The chef is award winning, and one of my friends told me that they have the best (gourmet) Macaroni and Cheese.
  • La Gondola — Atlantis Casino — Never been here, but I’m guessing it’s a fancy Italian restaurant. I’ll update on the details if I ever get a chance to eat here.
  • Temptation — Atlantis Casino — Never been here. I’ll update on the details if I ever get a chance to eat here.
  • L’Angelus— Atlantis Casino — Never been here. but it is a fine French restaurant. I’ll update on the details if I ever get a chance to eat here.
  • Bella Napoli — Atlantis Casino — Never been here, but I’m guessing it’s another fancy Italian restaurant. I’ll update on the details if I ever get a chance to eat here.

10-15 minute walk from AUC

  • Oasis Cafe — Ocean Club — My favorite is coming on Wednesdays for the all-you-can-eat BBQ ribs for only $12, but i believe this is only during non-summer months.
  • Rendez-Vouz Lounge — Porto Cupecoy — This place is a delicatessen, gelateria, and bakery. Their gelato is really good and they have lots of flavors to choose from. The setting is comfortable and casual, and a great place to relax with friends.
  • Moulin-Fou — Porto Cupecoy — Haven’t been here yet, but it seems fancy. I’ll update on the details if I ever get a chance to eat here.
  • Maximo Cafe — Porto Cupecoy — Haven’t been here yet, but it seems fancy. I’ll update on the details if I ever get a chance to eat here.
  • Ernest and Fidel — Porto Cupecoy — I’ve been here before for brunch, and it is nice.
  • Villa Italian Kitchen — Blue Mall — Pizza, stromboli, calzone, you name it. Not a fancy restaurant but a “food court” type of place.
  • Yogen Früz — Blue Mall —  Self-serve frozen yogurt and smoothies. On level 2.