Guide to AUC: Shreveport

Shreveport is a city located on the Red River in northwestern Louisiana. With a population of 217,000, it is the third largest city in Louisiana, after New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Hospital Sites

AUC students can complete a core rotation in Psychiatry at Brentwood Hospital in Shreveport, a 200-bed psychiatric hospital that has served Louisiana, East Texas, and South Arkansas region for over 31 years. The clinical site has several start dates per month. AUC students who rotate at Brentwood have access to the extensive LSU Library.

Generally, students are present at hospital rounds any time between 6am – 5pm. The number of hours or when one rotates may vary depending on the attending. Students are generally not expected to be on call.

There is a cafeteria in the hospital, serving breakfast for $1, lunch for $2, and dinner between $2-3.

Places to Live

Brentwood Hospital does not have any student housing available on its campus. However, here are some apartments and landlords that have rented to students in the past.

  • University Court Apartments — They require a $200 security deposit but make sure you give them a 30-day cancellation notice, or else you may not get the deposit refund. 318-797-8588 or 798-8411 or 798-9209
  • Crossland Shreveport — An extended-stay hotel. Their studio suites have mini kitchens and pots and pans. They are located in Bossier City, across the Red River from Shreveport. 318-747-5800
  • Trevor — Trevor has a two story house in a nice neighborhood and rents out individual rooms for 8 students. There is a community kitchen, living room, and laundry, and there is internet. He charges $125/week, and requires a 2-week non-refundable deposit. While the neighborhood is nice, carpooling to Brentwood hospital is necessary, as the house is not located near the bus route. The hospital is 10 minutes away by car. 318-423-1564
  • Kathy Smith — Kathy may have some housing available as well. Call her either at 318-550-7288 or email her at
  • Lee Ann Cheek — Lee Ann may have some housing available as well. Call her at 318-865-9761.
  • Michael McDougall — Michael has a 2-bedroom/1 br house that he rents out to students. For availability, call him at 318-524-8386.
  • Mary Griffith — 318-458-9043

Getting Around

The best way to get around Shreveport is by car. There is also a bus system called Sportran.

Things to Do

  • Cajun food — Cajun cuisine has its home in Louisiana. Try some local, authentic Cajun food at the source.
  • Sci-Port — This is Shreveport’s very own Science museum. They also have an IMAX.
  • Robinson Film Center — A great place to view special or foreign films.
  • Mardi Gras — Every year, Shreveport celebrates Mardi Gras, filled with beads, parades, and king cakes!
  • Louisiana Boardwalk — Great outdoor shopping place across the Red River in Bossier.

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