Author: Benji Ho

Formal Orientation

Today was formal orientation where the higher officers of the school officially welcomed us. For three hours, they introduced us to the honor code, the school policies, activities and services offered on campus, and general information. Here are some of the speakers today:
  • Director of Community Services
  • Associate Dean of Medical Education
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Interim Dean of Basic Sciences
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    Flying Over The Caribbean

    About: We often focus too much on the destinations that we forget the journey is often times the best part, and the sky is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Highlights: When you're flying from the States to St. Maarten, you'll pass by the Bahamas. It's a joy seeing all the different islands below and imagine what it's like living on a tiny dot in the middle of the vast ocean. Remember to have your map out ready! Continue reading

    Blog Library

    Lately I’ve been searching and reading through numerous blogs of Caribbean medical students, from large schools like St. George’s University to smaller ones like St. James School of Medicine. I would like to create a comprehensive list, essentially a “blog library” where prospective students can reference to get a taste of what life is like in each school in the… Continue reading

    Ten More Days!

    Ten more days. I just cannot believe how time has flown by, not just this summer, but these past four years as a post-bacc, and the quarter century that it took for me to realize my dreams. After years of planning, learning, and preparing for my future, reality has suddenly hit me. I am actually going to medical school. Should… Continue reading

    Hotels in SXM

    Great news! My family and Irene’s family want to come visit me during my white coat ceremony weekend for about 3-4 days, and so the past few days I’ve been reading countless hotel reviews on tripadvisor. I looked for hotels in Cupecoy, Maho, or Simpson Bay, all within 3-4 miles of AUC. As they will be out and about throughout… Continue reading