Author: Benji Ho

AUC Clinical Sites

After we complete our first five semesters of Basic Science training on the island, we go back to the states (or Canada) and take the USMLE Step 1 board exam within a semester's worth of time. Once we pass the exam, we work with our clinical advisors and schedule our clinical rotations (aka "clerkships") for our third and fourth years of med school... Continue reading

Interview and MERP at AUC

It used to be that AUC gave direct admissions and only interviewed applicants whose applications they thought needed clarifications. However, as of 2013, AUC now interviews all applicants who they think are competitive. I think this was a good decision because it sets the admission standards higher, makes the school look better (especially since interviews are standard in all US… Continue reading

Saturday in Anguilla

About: Anguilla is a British Island about 8 miles away from St. Martin. It is accessible by a 30-minute ferry from Marigot Harbor. Unlike St. Maarten, Anguilla is very rural, and very flat. There is a different type of charm and mentality here, and the beaches are beautiful. Highlights: You HAVE TO go to Shoal Bay East (not to be confused with Shoal Bay West). It is often considered by travel magazines to be one of the top 10 best beaches in the world. Continue reading

AUC Dorm or Apartment for First Semester?

Not long ago I received a question from a reader asking: Would you recommend the dorm or apartment for first semester. Can a parent live with me in the dorm for a few days when I move in at the start of the semester? I've decided to post my reply here because I'm recently in the process of finding an apartment for next semester, and have had enough experience living in the dorms. Continue reading


BLOCK TWO EXAMS ARE FINALLY DONE!!! There was so much more material on this second block as I learned how you can die from picking a pimple, how streptomycin works as an antibiotic, and how to find the vagus nerve among an entanglement of vessels, muscles, connective tissue, and nerves in the neck. But with an improved study methodology, and… Continue reading

AUC Campus

I remember when I was applying to medical schools I've always been curious as to what the campuses of these schools look like, besides what they show on their websites. St. George's University, of course, has pictures of their campus all over their site, because they are the largest school, and obviously have a very large, very beautiful campus as well, worthy... Continue reading

October Night

Last night was a beautiful night, and I just couldn’t pass it up for studying in an enclosed room. A nice place to study I discovered are the study rooms on the topmost floor of the dorms, right on the roof. Hardly anyone’s there, and they have plenty of desk space, dry erase boards, internet access, air conditioners (which make… Continue reading