Author: Benji Ho


Today I finished my last final, in Molecular Cell Biology (MCB), and I am happy to announce that…. I HAVE JUST COMPLETED MY FIRST SEMESTER IN MED SCHOOL!!! I was feeling lots of anxiety going into the final, not because I felt I wasn’t ready but because I knew it would count as 30% of my course grade. Wouldn’t you… Continue reading

AUC Cafeteria

I finally know what the appeal of oxtail is to the Caribbean People. With the stringy meat falling off the bone layered in chewy collagenous glory, who wouldn’t like it? Well, maybe not everyone, but to me it was good. As long as there’s a good sauce on it, anything tastes good right? Today was the first time I lunched… Continue reading

Time is Hope.

As you all see, from my temporary blogging hiatus, that I have been busy prepping for Block 3 exams, which we completed yesterday. Block 3 was by far the hardest we’ve had so far, with the most material covered. Not surprisingly, the class averages were quite low as well: Anatomy Exam Class Average: 76.97 Anatomy Lab Practical Class Average: 77.77… Continue reading