Author: Benji Ho

Diabetes Foundation of St. Maarten

Every semester, the American Medical Students Association (AMSA) at our school trains and provides opportunities for many AUC student to go volunteer with the Diabetes Foundation of St. Maarten every weekend to offer free diabetes screening to the community. Like many other industrialized nations, St. Maarten has a growing incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure. This past Saturday, three… Continue reading

Physiology Professors

One thing I really like about AUC is that the school recognizes and awards outstanding professors, staff, and students for their achievements. I just came across this 2005 journal article from Advances in Physiology Education, published by the American Physiological Society and was mildly surprised and pleased to find two familiar names! The article is about physiology professors who have… Continue reading


One thing you’ve got to accept as a blogger is that you suddenly become  a new target for spam. Just today, when I logged into my site, I found 13 spam comments that were filtered out by my spam blocker. They all have the same method of “luring you in” by praising you first, then making you click on their… Continue reading

Island Hopping Adventure!

About: Lucas Bay is a very shallow bay with a few islands and sandbars just barely rising out of the shallow waters. The knee-deep water makes it a great trip to wade to the different islands in the bay. Highlights: Reach the first, then the second, and then the third island. Each island is very different and interesting to explore. on the far side of the third island, there is a treat... a natural swimming pool! Continue reading

Renting Cars During the High Season

My St. Maarten travel tips during the busy tourist season (From late November until the end of March): 1. Rent from somewhere outside the airport, like at the Windham or Empress, because chances are, you'll be competing with tourists at the airport and the booths will not rent anything less than 2 days during the busy season. 2. Call several days beforehand to make a reservation. That way you'll be more guaranteed to get what you want! Continue reading

AUC Classrooms Tour

Like me not too long ago, many prospective students are probably curious to see what the classrooms at AUC look like. So here, I have posted some pictures of the indoor places around campus. But first, some info about the facilities here at AUC: Lecture Halls In the old academic building, there are five lecture halls of different sizes: Lecture… Continue reading