Physiology Professors

One thing I really like about AUC is that the school recognizes and awards outstanding professors, staff, and students for their achievements.

I just came across this 2005 journal article from Advances in Physiology Education, published by the American Physiological Society and was mildly surprised and pleased to find two familiar names! The article is about physiology professors who have been recognized for their accomplishments in their fields and their excellence in guiding students. Among the ones profiled are AUC’s very own Dr. DeMesquita who is the chair of the Department of Physiology and Neuroscience here, as well as a professor who we’ve just had this past block, Dr. Grafstein, a visiting professor from Cornell. Dr. DeMesquita was awarded Professor of the Year award in 2005, chosen by the student body here at AUC, and Dr. Grafstein was awarded an equivalent recognition at Cornell. I have to say both are fine professors who deserve such recognitions and I feel very grateful to have them as our professors. Although I have not had Dr. DeMesquita formally as an instructor yet, she has been very approachable and open in offering her help every time I have visited her in her office.

2 professors in one nationally-recognized journal publication? Not bad for a school as small as AUC…

Check it out!