Mock, Biostats, and Glycolysis

Hello everyone!

As you can see from my lack of blogging these past few days, I’ve been busy. Last Sunday, the first semester students had their mock practical exams in anatomy lab, so I was there to help create some questions as well as proctor the exams. It was my second time helping out with the mock. At 8am the TAs all gather in the lab where we signed up to tag different structures and create questions on different topics. Some people created really funny case scenarios for their questions. My questions were more straightforward but required some thinking. After all 85 questions were created, we went around the lab, reviewing each question to see if they were clear, correct, significant, and not duplicated in another question.  By 11am, the first-semester students arrived and the exam lasted until around 12:45 or so, after which we posted the answers and TAs stayed to answer any questions students had.

Later that day, Arif, Chris, and I headed over to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl and make some barbecue chicken and grilled hotdogs. As I never really grew up on football, I didn’t quite understand the game, but nevertheless I had a good time with friends. The next morning, on Monday, we had our final exam for Biostats, which is a course that only lasts for 4 weeks for 1 credit. Despite it being my first time taking any sort of statistics course, I never found any trouble with it. Unlike many of my classmates, I actually found the material to be interesting. It was my first time learning about standard deviations, z-scores, and chi-square tests. Biostats was interesting to me because it offered a precise way to calculate the imprecise. It’s a way to compromise the hardness of mathematical logic with the softness of the real world. Not too surprisingly, many people honored the course, including me. It feels great that I have one less course to worry about now. But this coming Monday, we have our second block exams, and I am wrestling with the material in the remaining classes. Check out some of the things we’re learning in MCB II (Biochem)!