Author: Benji Ho


I absolutely love TA-ing! There’s just something about it — dropping by from table to table, talking to students and fellow TAs, explaining things, and helping people out — that’s so fun and intellectually rewarding. There’s also something very satisfying about reviewing all that material that I learned last semester — brachial plexus nerves and the muscles they innervate, clinical… Continue reading

Anatomy TA Program

In a crowded room with students constantly moving around, talking, and working on cadavers, the anatomy lab seems to be a busy place where nobody in particular gets noticed. Little did we know as first semesters, however, that the TAs and professors have long been watching us. They took note of our behaviors around the lab, our dedication, our dissection… Continue reading

Holidays in Puerto Rico

About: Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and it is only 30 minutes away from St. Maarten by airplane. As it is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, there are tons to see and you can easily spend weeks here and still not see everything. Highlights: Old San Juan, El Morro, Vieques, Bioluminescent Bay, Arecibo Observatory, Heladeria de Lares, Plaza Las Americas, El Yunque Rainforest, Bacardi Rum Factory. Continue reading