My First Day As Class Rep

Today we elected for new SGA class representatives, but given that there were only three candidates to fill three positions, my inauguration as class rep was more like an assignment. Nevertheless, I am glad that I sought this position, and happy to receive the opportunity.

I had been thinking about running for class rep only within the last few days. I’ve had leadership positions during college, but never for student government. The thought had never crossed my mind before my friends suggested that I run. I figured, since I’m always keeping my blog up-to-date as to what goes on around school… I might as well be doing the same for 200 of my fellow classmates. Kill two birds with one stone.

After a weekend of preparing for a “vote for me” speech, I suddenly had to change it to a “delighted to be here” speech after seeing there was going to be no vote, no competition, no winner, no loser. In a way, I liked it better this way.

A “thank you” later, here I am, a new class rep, novice yet excited, and I’ve already been given two cases to handle:

First, a group of students contacted me because they had missed the first day of class and wanted to make it up. They were part of the flight that was delayed due to volcanic ash covering the Puerto Rican skies. So today, I met with Dr. DeMesquita to schedule a time for a make-up lecture. She decided on a time and I will make the announcement in class tomorrow.

Then, a faculty member expressed concerns of a certain car rental dealer who is known for his unethical business behavior. He is often found parked outside of campus, seducing first-semester students who are unaware of his tactics. Several colleagues in my class have had problems with him last year. To prevent the new students from experiencing what many of my colleagues in my class had gone through dealing with him, I met with the first semester representative and asked him to spread the word to his class about being careful who they rent cars from, and suggest safer alternatives, like renting cars from Wyndham Sapphire down the road from AUC, or any of the established car-rental booths at the airport.

So that is my first day as class rep… not even a full day and already with responsibilities. This semester will be a big change for me as I suddenly take up positions as Anatomy TA, SGA Class Rep, and webmaster of a blog with an ever-increasing readership, while still keeping up with my number one role as medical student. There will be more expectations and more pressure, but more opportunities for growth and enlightenment as well.

I can only look forward to tomorrow.