The Pain of Learning and the Therapy of Blogging

Mullet Bay at Sunset

“Congratulations on finishing Block 4! We have now officially learned everything we needed to learn for Genetics, MCB 1, Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology………….EVER.”

yeah… I wish it were that easy.

Now the hard part has just begun.. to remember it all and apply it right off the bat when I see it in my career.

Now with no new material coming into my brain, and Anatomy Shelf and MCB Final Exam around the corner, this next week and a half will be a great chance for me to show myself how much I’ve learned (or forgotten) over the semester. By now I should know everything there is about the structure and physical organization of the human body. I should have a good working knowledge of hundreds of diseases, their symptoms, their molecular and genetic basis.  I should, but do I?

All too often I see the brain as having a set number of slots for which to fit individual units of facts and information. While I know this is far from how the brain works, it sure does feel like it. It is almost painful, mentally and physically painful, to squeeze that much information into my small  brain, and try to re-cork it without letting everything spill out. In preparation for the accumulative exams on Friday and Wednesday, this week will be the time for me to make sure I get a good grasp of it all.

It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but at least everything will be familiar when I review it again. And I will start….

… tomorrow. It has been a long 72 hours of dedicated studying and exams. For now, I’m just gonna kick back and do something therapeutic… like blogging. ;)